Advertising & Promotional Material

Posters, brochures, catalogues, pamphlets, annual reports or any other printed matter. Praia creates them in just about any language, with special sensitivity to the target market.

For advertising campaigns, Praia can provide the creative concept you need to make impact. These materials are the cornerstones for advertising your product and your company.


With the increase in the number of European and American companies establishing offices in the far East, Praia has been busy localizing the advertising material they bring from home, and adapting them to local market needs.

Creative Copywriting

Praia offers creative copywriting services in any language.

For advertising or public relations material, Praia’s creative writers can provide the copy you require.


From catchy commercial copies to solid corporate information, we have the resources to produce the right material to put language to work for our clients.


Working together, our widely experienced designers and copywriters pay close attention to your needs and the target audience, and utilize the latest technology and thinking to create original imagery.

Multimedia presentations and presentation staff can be extensively organized by Praia. Contact us for more information about trade shows or other important corporate presentations.