Omnilingual Translation Services

We translate all languages for all purposes. Our aim is to provide professional, reliable and friendly services, producing translations you can trust and circulate without hesitation. No matter whether you seek a simple translation of a business document, or a complex multilingual technical manual, we have the skills and experience that you are looking for.


Our translators give your requests the highest priority and all translations are crosschecked before dispatch to ensure the highest possible quality at all times.


At our office we handle 77 languages, covering all East and West European countries as well as the Americas, the Middle East and Asia.



Fields of Expertise


Computing, telecommunications, industrial technology, finance, international trade, projects for international cooperation, environmental impact, rolling stock, marketing, tourism, welfare, environment, social sciences, art, etc.


Translated materials and document layout


Catalogs, manuals, websites, corporate profiles, advertising (posters, pamphlets, multimedia), business letters, contracts, certificates, annual reports, financial reports, environmental impact reports, etc.

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We translate to and from 77 languages

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